Market Watch Lists:

Trading indicators are the building blocks to trading systems. They don't provide actionable buy/sell recommendations ... they simple provide insight into new or changing trading environments. Yesterday a market may have been in neutral mode but today its considered to be in a trending phase, short-term overbought or even in a consolidation phase ready to explode in a new direction. In a nut shell trading indicators provide perspective and draw attention to markets that might be trade worthy.

The list below provides links to a variety of market indicators we use to evaluate current conditions. Some of these indicators review longer-term time horizons while other are short-term in nature. So we could have conditions in which a market is both short-term oversold while in a longer-term trend. Thus these market watch lists work independent of one another as they watch the markets from their own specific perspective.


Watch List Indicators:

Depth Gauge

Trend Level

Elastic Level

Underwater Volume Index (UVI)






SMA Combination

Rolling CAGR

Seasonal Projection

Seasonal Accuracy



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