200 Day SMA Mean-Reversion Watch List

The watch list below provides perspective on markets that may reverse course and gravitate towards their 200 day moving average. Markets that are pointed right and highlighted in blue are trading above their 200 day SMA but have a SMA that is falling. Markets that are pointed left and highlighted in dark gray are trading below their 200 day SMA but have a SMA that is rising. If we assume that the current direction for the SMA holds true, then the market should return back to its SMA. As the markets have a mind of their own our assumption may not hold true. Under this scenario, If markets current action is strong enough to change the direction of the SMA we would then expect a new longer-term trend to immerge. In either case the markets on the watch list may provide tradable opportunities in the near future. Remember this is a watch list not a "call to action" list ... so think of these markets as candidates for possible reversal. They will however require additional observation and analysis.


Mean-Reversion Overview:


200 Day SMA Mean-Reversion Watch List:


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