Elastic Level: Top OB/OS Markets

To enhance trading efficiency, investors need to evaluate and view the markets with perspective. Is a market at an extreme level and likely to reverse? Having perspective can save an investor from buying at market tops or selling at market bottoms. The Elastic indicator is designed to pinpoint over bought (OB) and over sold (OS) territory. Like a rubber band, a market can reverse at varying degrees. The Elastic indicator therefore has three different definitions for short-term OB and OS levels; Modest, Strong and Extreme.

The best use for the Elastic Indicator is in conjunction with Trend Level indicator. First, we establish the longer-term trend of the market using the Trend Level indicator. Is the market in a bull, bear or neutral mode? Second we use the short-term Elastic indicator to refine our market observation by establishing if the market is Over Bought (OB) or Over Sold (OS) within a trending phase. Buying opportunities may arise when a market is in an established Bull trend yet is short-term Over Sold. On the flip side a selling (shorting) opportunity may occur when a market is in a Bear trend but is short-term Over Bought. A long exit opportunity may occur if a market is in a long-term Bull trend but is extremely Over Bought. Once again the flip side is a short exit if the market is in an established Bear trend that is also extremely Over Sold. These two examples, from both the long and short side, should provide the necessary insight into the power of the Elastic Indicator.


Elastic Level (EL) Descriptions:

The chart below provides perspective on whether a market is short term OB/OS and to what degree.


Top Bull/Bear Elastic Level:

Elastic Level: Top OB/OS Markets


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Elastic Level Sector Comparison:
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