Rolling 12 month CAGR (Ten Year Analysis): Euro Bund

Rolling CAGR Profile:

The rolling Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) analysis provides a historic perspective of a markets return over the test period. CAGR is a measure of reward. Yet by itself it only measures performance over a single period of time. Our rolling ten year analysis takes 120 performance snap shots with each data point calculated based on a 12 month Compounded Annual Growth Rate. The data is then combines to show CAGR return performance changes over time.



If a markets current 12 month CAGR return stands at 12%, is that good or bad performance? That question can't be properly answered because we are missing perspective. The rolling CAGR chart allows us to see if that 12% CAGR return is historically high or just average and more importantly whether it's trending higher or lower. the rolling analysis also reveals when a markets has had its biggest moves, both bullish and bearish. If the market should find itself in a similar bullish / bearish environment going forward, the rolling Compounded Annual Growth Rate chart could provide reference for market potential. The rolling CAGR chart does it job by adding clarity around a market's performance. Want even more perspective ... check out the Sector Rolling CAGR charts.


Rolling 12 Month CAGR Performance: Euro Bund

Rolling 12 month CAGR (Ten Year Analysis): 10 Year Eruo Bund


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